For parents with a medical special needs child, getting to know the medical staff that works with your child is essential to your comfortability and trust. Learning more about the highly trained and compassionate Sunshine Pediatric staff can make a world of difference. As far as the facility goes, Sunshine Pediatric Center operates a one-of-a-kind pediatric day center for children with special medical needs. Their facility provides stimulating and interactive care for medically complex infants and children, from birth to age 21. From the onset, their highly qualified medical staff work to ensure that all therapy services are tailored to your child’s specific needs.

One of these passionate Sunshine Kids Pediatric staff members is our Director of Nursing, Maya Jones. Originally from Camden, Arkansas, Maya began her medical career as a Licensed Practical Nurse working at a nursery while completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Southern Arkansas University. Shortly after that, Maya moved to Texas, worked in a NICU/Nursery, and completed her Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Leadership and Management.

For Maya, her passion for nursing was always a part of who she was, however, upon the birth of her cousin who was born prematurely, she realized she wanted to work closely with medical special needs children, Maya explains. “My now 18-year-old cousin was born prematurely and could fit in the palm of my hand. I saw the care and effort on behalf of all his nurses and caregivers and knew that’s what I wanted to do; I want to impact lives.”

As the Director of Nursing at Sunshine Pediatric, Maya ensures that patient care is being conducted at its highest standard. Not only does she take care of individual patients and organize individual patient care, but she also works diligently on patient and parent education, providing guidance to children and their families alike.

Maya explains how at Sunshine Pediatric it is easy to feel inspired, “My most inspiring moment to date, while there are many, is seeing the patients from the NICU come back to the hospital to see where their journey began and how far they have come. Patients have gone from the tiniest two pounds in an incubator to running around and not letting a single thing stop them. I take pride knowing that I played a small role in their life.” She also explains how much fulfillment she feels when impacting the lives of her patients and their families, “I believe the most fulfilling part about helping children and families is knowing that you are now a part of their support system. Whether it’s providing education, respite care, or helping reach milestones they never thought were possible, we are here to help navigate through the process. We will always work as an extension to the parents/guardians and are here to continue care so that there are no gaps in the progression of all of our children.”

Are you interested in meeting Maya and finding out if Sunshine Pediatric Day Center is the right pediatric daycare center for you and your medical special needs child? Call today to find out more about their services and how you can set up an initial assessment.