When it comes to your special medical needs child, trusting the medical professionals and staff that work with them is absolutely integral to your child’s success. Sunshine Pediatric Day Center prides itself on building a trusting, highly professional, and state-of-the-art experience for all of the special medical needs children that are entrusted with their care. You don’t have to take our word for it, Here are just a few Sunshine Kids Pediatric reviews and testimonials our families have submitted:
“Sunshine is by far the best PPECC I have been to. Not only is the facility impeccably clean, but the staff is attentive, caring, and communicative. The kids are genuinely happy, playing and building friendships. They provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy as well as an educator who gives the kids one-on-one attention daily. In addition, the owner David does everything he can to make sure these kids and their families have an amazing experience in his facility. 5 stars!”
“Sunshine came as a huge blessing to us. The facility is spacious, fully equipped, and SUPER clean. The staff is friendly, informative, and very good with the children. We feel blessed knowing our child is in great, fully capable hands and getting the medical attention they need while in the care of Sunshine. The hours are great, allowing us to drop off our child in the morning, work full time, and make it on time to pick up our child after work. A full report given at the end of each day keeps you up-to-date on the treatment your child receives while in their care. Our child has progressed so much since they started almost 4 months ago, and I know they will continue to do so at Sunshine Kids. Like I said, a BLESSING.”
“My son has attended for about 3 or so months, and he has shown tremendous improvements. He was born at 24-weeks and has numerous complications. When he started Sunshine, he was not eating at all and his vocabulary consisted of about 3 words. Sunshine was able to teach him what no other PPECC or therapy facility was able to teach him. I’m in tears about every week because of the progress he has been making with the help of their wonderful therapists. The facility keeps you well informed of what is going on with your child. My son was attending therapy twice a week at another facility for about 9 to 10 months or maybe more. At times, he would show improvement and then would just fall back. Especially when it came to feeding therapy. But about 2 or 3 weeks after receiving therapy at Sunshine, he showed improvement. He is now eating food orally and asking for food. A day I couldn’t wait to come!!! Let me tell you, at first, I was skeptical of sending him to Sunshine because of my past experience with visiting other PPECC’s. I was just over it, and I was tired, disgusted, and in awe about the upkeep of different facilities. But when I went to Sunshine, I immediately knew it was the place for my son. It is SSSSOOOO clean there. You can eat off the floors if you want. They take every precaution to make sure that the facility stays clean. The staff is warm and welcoming. Any questions you have you can call, and they will pick up – not like other facilities where they neglect you after you enroll your child; that was one concern of mine. And most importantly, they have staff of all backgrounds, so they cater to people of all ethnicities. In all, Sunshine is home to us, and I will recommend them to any and everyone.”
“Having children with complex medical needs is a challenge. But it is also hard to trust anyone else with your child and ensure they are getting the best care just like at home. Sunshine Pediatrics is just that. It is THE place that I know my child is taken care of by medical staff meeting all his needs while I work. Sunshine not only provides a clean, welcoming, and loving environment but provides quality care to include medical needs and therapeutic needs such as physical, occupational, and speech/feeding therapy. It is an all-in-one place so that all the services my children need are right there! That is in addition to the wonderful team that loves your child like their own. From the CNA to the LPN, to the RN, and even the administration. I know my child is safe and loved and cared for each and every day. My children have thrived both developmentally and medically and could not be happier at the same time!”
“This PPECC has been AMAZING for my son. The nurses and staff have all grown with my child from when he was 3 months old to now being 18 months. The facility is kept immaculately clean. He gets his therapies and medicines in an environment where they love on all the kids regardless of their life challenges. We interact with the owner regularly, and he truly has a passion for every single child and their needs; he knows them all by name. They work with the doctors and insurances and include you in the personal plan of care for your child. We get reports of everything that goes on daily and monthly updates with his therapists on his progress. We couldn’t recommend this place more!”
To find out more information or to learn about the individualized care that your child can receive with Sunshine Pediatric Day Center, please call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. You can also visit here to view our facilities.